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Flaxseed Oil

Last Updated May 3rd 2022, 12:41:16 am

Flaxseed Oil, also known as linseed oil or flax oil, is an edible oil obtained from the dried, ripened seeds of the flax plant.


α-Linolenic Acid

Flaxseed oil has been recognized as one of several foods rich in α-linolenic acid.[1]

  • α-linolenic acid has been reported to have anti-inflammatory and hypolipidemic effects.

Healing Properties


Disease / Symptom Treatment

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Consumption of flaxseed oil can relax both constipation and diarrhea.[1:1]

Fatty Liver Disease

Consumption of flaxseed oil can prevent against alcoholic hepatic steatosis.

  • By ameliorating lipid homeostasis at the adipose tissue-liver axis, thereby improving the lipid profile.

Adverse Affects

Synergistic Effects

  1. Study Type: Animal Study
    Title: Flaxseed oil alleviates dextran sulphate sodium-induced ulcerative colitis in rats
    Author(s): Qian Zhou, Lei Ma, Wenyang Zhao, Wen Zhao, Xue Han, Jiahui Niu, Rongbin Li, Changhui Zhao
    Institution(s): College of Food Science and Technology, Hebei Agricultural University, Baoding 071000, PR China; Engineering Technology Research Center for Agricultural Product Processing of Hebei, Baoding 071000, PR China; College of Food Science and Engineering, Jilin University, Changchun 130062, PR China
    Publication: Journal of Functional Foods
    Date: January 2020
    Abstract: Flaxseed oil is a type of herbal oil obtained from the ripened seeds of the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum L.) that is widely utilized for baked foods. The aim of present study was to investigate the effect of flaxseed oil on ulcerative colitis. The rats were gavaged daily with flaxseed oil at doses of 400, 800 and 1600 mg/kg b.w. for six weeks, while ulcerative colitis was induced by daily administrating with 3% (w/v) dextran sulfate sodium (DSS) on the sixth week. Results showed that the rats fed with flaxseed oil had less disease activity index, colon weight, colon weight/length ratio and colon cell damage. Flaxseed oil consumption relieved the oxidative condition, reduced colon inflammation and partly restored the microbiota change by DSS. Flaxseed oil (1600 mg/kg b.w.) has a great potential in prevention of ulcerative colitis possibly by regulating the oxidative condition, inflammatory factors and cecal microbiota.
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