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Last Updated May 3rd 2022, 12:41:16 am

Catechin is part of the chemical family of flavonoids, it is a type of natural phenol and antioxidant. It is a plant secondary metabolite.

Healing Properties

Oral Health


Green tea catechins potentially possess a significant effect on reducing plaque accumulation and gingivitis.[1]

Continuous use of green tea catechin as a mouth rinse on a daily basis is a practical method for early prevention of gingival diseases.[1:1]

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    Institution(s): Magadh Medical College and Hospital, Gaya, Bihar, India; Hazaribagh Dental College and Hospital, Hazaribagh, Bihar, India; Nalanda Medical College and Hospital, Patna, Bihar, India
    Publication: Bioinformation
    Date: September 30, 2021
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